Saturday, 16 November 2013

Product Review: Nutri Synergy Heel Balm, Skin Repair & Lip Balm

For the past two months I’ve been trailing three body care products thanks to Plunkett Pharmaceuticals, who kindly offered me some of their new ‘diabetic friendly’ range: NS-21 Skin Repair Treatment, NS-8 Heel Balm Complex, & NS-3 Lip Complex.

Despite the somewhat clinical sounding names, these products are created from natural & organic ingredients, free from animal testing, and are made in Australia.  

As some of you may be aware, I’m a huge fan of natural skin care products such as paw paw ointment, rose hip oil and coconut oil, so it was really important to me that these products contained no nasties! These are simple products that didn’t disappoint. The lip balm was my fave product tested, with no petroleum, paraffin , fragrances or colours - it is perfect for those with sensitive skin and proved to be great as an overnight lip protector and conditioner.

I was most eager however, to try the Heel Balm Complex. My heels are not that bad, but I do wear sandals a lot (given that I live in the tropics), so I was keen to see if a heel balm could make a difference. I also test ran this on my fiancĂ© and father...I think they just enjoyed the foot rub really though as they both have heels in better condition than I do! One of the best aspects of the balm is that its non greasy and absorbed uber-quick - great for applying on the run.

The third product, the Skin Repair Treatment, turned out to be the most useful. While the packaging says its suitable for problem skin conditions, damaged and chronic dry skin, I found it useful as an everyday hand and leg cream. Again one of its best qualities being that it was non-greasy and quickly absorbed, perfect for applying before work when getting showered and dressed in a rush! Also handy to have at the kitchen sink – I find detergents dry my hands out in a instant. Apply this and stop the dryness in its tracks!!
I still love my natural pure oils but these are definitely worth a try. Their rate of absorbency combined with the natural ingredients provided a simple & effective product. The range is convenient while still giving me peace of mind, with the added bonus of being Australian owned and competitively priced.

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  1. Thanks for posting ! Natural Skin Care Products Australia. Natural Skin Care Products Australia

    1. You're welcome! I'm still using the products too. Nice and simple.